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Some of my very favorite moments are those spent in my hammock. Moments spent sitting at the very foot of the Cross with my heart completely surrendered to Him. A soft pillow for my head and wrapped up in my favorite blanket, the Holy Spirit begins to usher in peace as the hammock gently rocks me…. a most definite oasis for my heart. The hammock has allowed me the freedom to have moments alone, to bask in His joy and, at times, to stain my pillow with tears. Many prayers have been prayed in my hammock. Prayers prayed for my children. Prayers for direction, wisdom, and healing. Salvation and deliverance for family members. Cries to a Holy Father from, sometimes, a prodigal daughter. Times of oppression or sorrow that my Father would remind me in these moments that though I’m weak…He is strong. Many a morning the Lord God and I have spent with the birds chirping and the sun rising. We’ve shared many an evening together under a full blanket of stars. This place…. my hammock… has proven many times to be holy ground. Find, today, that place that brings you the very closest to our Heavenly Father. He’s waiting for you.